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The space around a house can be utilised in different ways for aesthetic purposes as well to make practical use of the garden space with the use of flora and fauna, elements like elevated spaces or bodies of water, and lighting. Homeowners often turn to landscaping services in order to design and create the garden that best suits their home, requirements and preferences.

Stone Cross Paving specialises in landscaping in Cornwall, especially elements like patios and fencing, and offer a range of colour, design and style options. Our work extends from patio paving to garden turfing and fencing installation services. At Stone Cross Paving, our goal is to create the perfect match to add value to your property, using high quality material from well-known manufacturers.

Our work, including landscaping services, is fully guaranteed for five years and our estimates and advice for all new projects are free of charge. Stone Cross Paving is based in Cornwall, and we cover all surrounding areas across Cornwall and Devon.

Patios Landscaping Cornwall

A great addition to any garden, patios are paved areas adjoining the house, typically used for recreation or dining. It is a multi-purpose space you can use to relax with family and friends, entertain visitors, have a barbeque, and display your plants.

Patio paving is an option many consider due to what it adds to a property. While patio paving can add to the aesthetic value of your garden, there are many other benefits to this landscaping element. Patios increase property value while decreasing lawn maintenance. Since they are a multi-purpose space, there is also a lot you can do with a patio.

Landscaping patios are among the services provided by Stone Cross Paving and we offer a range of design options as part of our patio installer services that you can choose from. We provide free design and planning services so that you can specify your requirements and we can build the perfect patio for you. We have years of experience as a patio installer and our expertise in the Cornwall area will ensure the overall appearance of your garden is improved and value is added to your property.

Landscaping Cornwall

Fencing in Cornwall

Fencing is an important element in any garden and fencing installation services are among Stone Cross Paving most sought after services. Fencing marks boundaries in a garden, keeping strangers away from your property. Garden fencing is also vital in protection and security and ensures the safety of the residents of a house.

In addition to this, fencing protects the house, garden as well as occupants’ privacy. If you are investing in landscaping services and installing various elements like patios, you would not want your garden area to be visible and accessible to strangers or passers-by.

Considering these benefits of fencing, it is a given that any home-owner would want fencing as part of their landscaping project. In all surrounding areas across Cornwall and Devon, Stone Cross paving is a landscaping service that offers excellent fencing installation services.

At Stone Cross Paving, we build both traditional designs as well as modern designs, with elements like concrete posts, gravel boards and fence panels.

We use the best material for your garden fencing, which means that they are sturdy and long lasting. However, if you require repairs and maintenance or even new installation, you can easily contact us. We also power wash and recoat old fencing as part of our fencing installation services.

Stone cross paving fencing work Cornwall

Turfing in Cornwall

Landscaping services cover various components of a garden and the lawn plays a crucial role in the overall aesthetics and appeal of your surroundings. Whether it is a small residential building or a large commercial one, the lawn that surrounds the building will be one of the key aspects of the landscape.

Turf increases the value of your property, as it gives the garden and curb additional appeal. It also makes your garden safe for recreation, especially for children. Injuries can be minimised as contact will be with turf grass as opposed to hard soil.

Garden turfing also gives you more use of your garden as you can use the space for picnics, family gatherings and even backyard sports.

In addition to these benefits of turf, having a lawn can decrease pollutants and improve air quality. It can also have a cooling effect, which is definitely welcome during warmer months. These benefits of having a lawn make garden turfing a popular landscape service. At Stone Cross Paving, we provide a complete landscape service with all kinds of garden features like feeding, weeding and levelling.

Stone cross paving grass turfing work

Garden walls

While aesthetic appeal is an important factor of any landscape, safety and security is a priority. You would not want to build the house of your dreams and accompany it with a stunning driveway, lawn or patio, but completely ignore who has access to your garden.

At Stone Cross Paving, we build all kinds of walls, from garden feature walls to security walls. You can choose from a range of colours and designs to suit the aesthetics of your property and your personal preferences.

Our landscaping service also includes complete maintenance and repair services, which means that you need not worry about upkeep.

Stone cross paving garden wall work

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