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Homeowners commonly use landscaping services to design and develop the landscape that is most suited to their property, needs, and preferences.

Stone Cross Paving is a Devon landscaping company that specializes in patios and fences and offers a wide range of colour, design, and style options. Patio paving, garden turfing, and fence installation are just a few of the services we provide. Stone Cross Paving’s goal is to use high-quality materials from well-known sources to produce the right fit to add value to your property.

All of our work, including landscaping services, comes with a five-year warranty, and we offer free estimates and advice on all new projects. Stone Cross Paving is based in Plymouth and provides services throughout Cornwall and Devon.

Patios Landscaping Devon

Patios are paved areas next to a home that are frequently utilized for entertaining or dining. These are a wonderful addition to any garden. It’s a multi-functional space where you may unwind with family and friends, invite guests, grill out, and display your plants.

Because of the value it adds to a property, patio pavement is a popular choice. Patio paving not only improves the aesthetic value of your yard, but it also provides a lot of other benefits. Patios increase the value of a property while also minimizing yard maintenance. Because it is a multi-purpose space, a patio may be utilized for several reasons.

Stone Cross Paving provides landscape patios as one of its services, and our patio installation services provide several design options. We provide free design and planning services, so you may define your requirements and we’ll build the perfect patio for you.

Patio Landscaping Devon

Fencing in Devon

Fence is an important part of any landscape, and Stone Cross Paving offers fencing installation as one of its most popular services. Fencing demarcates borders in a garden, keeping people away from your property. A garden fence is also necessary for protection and security, as it ensures the safety of the residents of a property.

Furthermore, the barrier protects the renters’ privacy as well as their house and yard. If you are investing in landscaping services and developing various components such as patios, you do not want your garden area to be seen and accessible to outsiders or passers-by.

Given these benefits, it should come as no surprise that any homeowner would incorporate fencing in their landscaping project. Stone Cross Paving uses concrete pillars, gravel boards, and fence panels to create both traditional and modern patterns.

We use the highest-quality materials for your garden fence, ensuring that it is both robust and long-lasting. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want repairs or maintenance, or even a new installation. We power wash and recoat aging fences as part of our fence installation services.

Fencing Devon

Turfing in Devon

Landscaping services include a range of garden elements, with grass playing a key role in the overall aesthetics and appeal of your surrounds. Whether it’s a little residential house or a large commercial complex, the grass that surrounds it is an important part of the environment.

Turf improves the beauty of your home’s landscape and curb appeal, increasing its value. It also makes your yard a secure environment for children to play in. Because the contact will be with turf grass rather than hard soil, injuries will be lessened.

Garden turfing also enables you to get more out of your garden by allowing you to use it for picnics, family gatherings, and even backyard sports. Aside from these advantages, maintaining a lawn may aid in the reduction of pollutants and the improvement of air quality. It also has a cooling effect, which comes in handy during the summer.

Because of the advantages of having a lawn, garden turfing is a popular landscape service. Stone Cross Paving provides a complete landscaping service that includes feeding, weeding, and levelling of gardens.

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Garden walls

While visual appeal is crucial in any landscape, safety and security are top priorities. You wouldn’t want to create the house of your desires, complete with a beautiful driveway, grass, or patio, but then entirely disregard who has access to your yard.

Stone Cross Paving constructs a wide range of walls, from garden feature walls to security barriers. You may select from a variety of colours and patterns to complement the aesthetics of your home as well as your own tastes. Our landscaping service also includes complete maintenance and repair services, which means that you need not worry about upkeep.

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